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IMG/png/ens_logo_tl.pngCERES is an interdisciplinary teaching center, within the Ecole Normale Supérieure, for the study of environmental questions. Here "environment" is defined in a wide sense as humanity’s environment, with its physical and societal components, its past, present and future states. Understanding the environment and predicting its dynamics calls on a wide range of sciences and humanities, including the geosciences, ecology, physics, chemistry, geography, economics, sociology and philosophy. Main themes of the CERES are interactions between climate, biosphere and society. We focus on feedbacks between climate and society including the economy, climate and the biosphere, agriculture and ecology (agro-ecology), air pollution, and waste. CERES offers interdisciplinary courses and research training at undergraduate and graduate levels, and aims to facilitate interactions between people from different disciplines present in the research labs of the ENS


Poster summer school resilience, v2

The summer school "Modelling environmental resilience" will take place from 19 to 25 June 2016. Organised by CERES and funded by PSL Environnement.

More information on the summer school web pages




Conférence Environnement et Société. Gael Giraud, "On the macro-economics of environment". 

Mardi 3 mai, 12h15-13h45, Salle du CERES
8 rue Erasme / 24 rue Lhomond


« Gouverner le climat ? De la gouvernance à la ’gouvernabilité’ de la question climatique. » Par Stefan Aykut, chargé de recherche au LISIS (INRA/UPEM/CNRS) et chercheur associé au Centre Marc Bloch (HU Berlin/CNRS).

Mardi 26 avril 2016, 17h30 salle d’histoire 45 rue d’Ulm 2ème étage

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