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Bert de Vries

  • Bert de Vries est professeur invité ENS au CERES du 22 avril au 28 mai 2011. Il partage le bureau de Gérard Weisbuch en Dc16

    Dr. Bert J.M. de Vries (1948) has a background in Theoretical Chemistry. He was co-founder and staff of the Institute for Energy and Environment (IVEM) at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands, where he received his Ph.D. on a dissertation about sustainable resource use. Since 1990 he is senior scientist at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) (formerly (RIVM, then MNP). Since 2003 he is Professor of Global Change and Energy at Utrecht University, since 2009 as staff member of the Utrecht Center for Earth and Sustainability (UCAD - www.ucad.nl). His research expertise and interests are in resource and in particular energy analysis, modelling and policy ; climate and global change modelling ; and modelling for sustainable development. Since 2003 he teaches the course Sustainability Science - An Introduction.

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